How I Got Interested in Developing Productivity Habits

Aug 26, 2022

I wouldn't call myself a habits' expert.

However, I have spent decades reading and learning about success (e.g., what is success, what does it mean to be successful, and what does it take to be successful). And I have spent hundreds of hours the past couple of years developing habits that I believe best position me for success.

My interest in productivity habits began because:

I was sick and tired of making little to no progress on my dreams.

I had big goals and dreams that I wanted to achieve, but I was consistently experiencing overwhelm and burn out, getting nowhere fast.

The one thing that many of the gurus on success and habits agreed on was that successful people are consistent in their habits and routines. They design their lives in an optimal way, having routines and systems in place to help them achieve their goals. The problem: the rebel in me fought the idea of having plans and routines for years.

Until the day, I said no more and made the decision to "experiment" (this was my little mindset trick) with developing 1 or 2 habits and routines that would support me and all the dreams I have for my life.

The rest as they say is history. I am a goal setting, habit-forming, system-creating convert.

So, my goal over the next 4 months is:

To double down and commit to the habits, routines, and systems that will help me reach my 2022 goals.

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