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Who am I?

Demetria is a career coach, educator, speaker, researcher, and an advocate for helping people discover and navigate their professional and personal journeys to their best selves!

Prior to formally launching her coaching and consulting practice, Demetria spent over 15 years in the corporate world before going back to school to earn her PhD in business management. She offers a range of coaching and consulting services—1:1 coaching, workshops, keynote speeches, with a focus on resilience, hope, optimism, confidence. Her mission is to help people live the life and have the career that is destined for them!

Demetria has a BS in Mathematics, MS in Organizational Development, and a PhD in Business Management. In addition, she is a Certified Professional Coach.

How You Can Work With Me


Realize your full potential and become an active participant in the workplace, while making a meaningful impact.

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Create inclusive and psychologically safe cultures and team environments that inspire high levels of engagement, collaboration, and fairness.

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Training & Development Workshops

Level up with customized programs and trainings that integrate scientifically validated tools and resources, practical application, and expert coaching.

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