Why This One Phrase is Total BS

Nov 13, 2022

What's the one thing you tell yourself when you're feeling a little less than confident or struggling with imposter syndrome?

You guessed it!

"Fake it til you make it."

Don't get me wrong, back in the day I used say this to myself religiously. Particularly, when I found myself in new environments and situations. But to be honest it never really worked for me because deep down, on top of feeling incompetent and unsure of myself, I now knew myself to be a fraud.

As a result, over time, I grew to despise this phrase.

There's a flaw in the logic of faking it til you make it:

It assumes you are coming from a place of lack.

When you tell yourself, "I'll fake it til I make it," it assumes that you are deficient in some way. So, you go about the business of pretending you are competent and capable, which affirms that you are indeed, "fake." Thus, creating a negative mindset.

Question: When you're putting on the pretense of faking it, aren't you in fact doing the very thing you believe yourself to be incompetent in?

What's fake about that?

Remember that there is a unique skillset that you bring to the table, and you were tasked with the job at hand because someone had/has confidence in you.

You are better served by approaching feelings of doubt, uncertainty, and insecurity, by tapping into your strengths and approaching the situation from a place of power with a positive mindset.

Here are a few tips:

  • Get clear on expectations and ask for more clarity if needed.

  • Identify your unique talents and know how they can be utilized to add value to your current situation.

  • Don't be afraid to ask for help. This is not a sign of weakness, but a demonstration that you are self-aware and willing to learn and grow.

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